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Scale Without Limits
Transform Your Talent Strategy

This is platform hiring done right.

Meet Our Marketplace

BeeGenius is your tech-enabled talent portal.

We are revolutionizing the way organizations find and hire top talent with fast-deploying technology solutions that streamline and optimize your entire hiring process. Our teams can provide a suite of tools – or a hand-picked few – to attract, engage, assess, hire and retain the very best talent for your team. Save time, improve efficiency, and make smarter hiring decisions with a Genius combination of innovative technology and talent management expertise. Conduct live or recorded video interviews; administer custom, pre-baked or AI-generated assessments; automate scheduling and response-management; and leverage our powerful evaluative technology to make informed hiring decisions faster than ever.

Match With People

Tools for evaluating candidates, not just their resumes.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, our solution combines powerful sourcing technology with advanced automation so you can cover more than twice the ground in less than half the time. Built with a culture-first angle, our algorithms are embedded with character evaluation, value-matching, and motivational testing to deliver a curated candidate pool that is not only qualified functionally but also engaged by your mission, aligned with your progression track, a great culture fit for your team, and more likely to stick around (ask us about our retention stats - we love to share them). Stop spending time on candidates who do not want your roles, and start identifying passive talent that fits naturally into your growing team.

Decide With Data

Optimization is your next hiring innovation.

Bee Genius delivers critical resources for today and even smarter teams for tomorrow. With end-to-end solutions covering the entire hiring process, our integrated platform technologies streamline, simplify, amplify, and accelerate – and help you make your best hires. Track your team’s progress toward the Future of Work with valuable insights and analytics that help you measure key metrics, assess the effectiveness of new hiring strategies, and quickly pivot in order to hit your goals. From identifying bottlenecks in your hiring pipeline to recognizing opportunities for simplification, our data-driven approach empowers you to optimize your hiring initiatives, assemble the right teams, and drive revenue and innovation – powered by great people.

Elevate Your Tech Stack
And Accelerate Your Hiring

Enabling Teams with the Best Tools in the Trade

Step into the Future of Work.

Bee Genius is your one-stop shop for technology-enabled, custom hiring solutions. Whether you are undergoing your first digital transformation or are an experienced player in the process automation space, we can help you strategize, design, implement, fine-tune, and scale any of your hiring systems and associated teams.

Talent Pipeline Management

Streamline your hiring process and strengthen the candidate experience to hire faster and retain top talent using the best tools in the trade.

Vendor Performance Insights

Track your hiring teams and third-parties to quickly assess performance, evaluate partners, predict outcomes and quantify your ROI.

Open-Source Integrations

Connect the systems, networks and platforms you love the most to create a single-source intuitive interface designed just for your team.

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